Michelle Phan and Animal Testing

This article is not designed as an argument for or against animal testing.  Instead, it is an article exploring Michelle’s claims that the companies she works/worked for do not test on animals. 

Michelle Phan has been claiming for a long time now that the company she works for, Lancome, does not test on animals.

The important thing is how Michelle has worded this. She says, “They do not test on animals.” She is not saying “They do not test their finished products on animals.” Michelle is implying that Lancome do not test on animals full stop.

Not only that, but Michelle herself claims that products sold in China are tested on animals and we should therefore avoid them.


Both Lancome (whom Michelle represents) and IQQU (Michelles’ cosmetic brand that she claims to have created and owned until recently) ship their products to China.

So, what is the truth?  Is Michelle really capable of lying about such an ethically important subject just to make money out of her fans?

I shall begin by looking at an ingredient found in both L’oreal Youth Code and Lancome Genifique; Dimethicone, because you will find this ingredient in many cosmetics.
[Please note that L’oreal owns Lancome].

A quick look at any scientific journal reveals that dimethicone is tested on animals. I have just chosen one example, but feel free to read up on dimethicone in other journals if you wish.

Now, to further illustrate my point. I also had a look at the ingredient, cyclosiloxane, found in many L’oreal cosmetics.

At this stage, I would like to point out that these extracts are not taken from the media, blogs or invalid internet sites such as Wikipedia. These extracts are from published scientific journals, so the information they contain is official and confirmed. I understand that the language used in these journals if full of scientific jargon, so if you would like me to explain anything, please do not be afraid to ask.

I wanted to take extracts from the L’oreal/Lancome sites themselves so that I can show you how they word their animal testing statements. However, I could not find anything on either website about animal testing.

The reason that animal testing is such a sore topic with both Lancome and L’oreal is simply because they recently got caught lying about animal testing themselves! L’oreal has admitted to breaching PETAs’ statement of assurance that they do not test on animals. 


Looking through PETAs’ official lists of companies that test on animals, it can be seen that Lancome is clearly listed.


Unfortunately, Michelle has already spent many months claiming that Lancome does not test on animals and that she would advise boycotting companies that do carry out such tests.  Therefore, she has inavertedly told her fans to boycott the very company that she represents.  Whether she knew about Lancome’s history or not, the fact of the matter is that she bluffed her way through fans’ questions and failed to research or confirm the replies she gave.  Michelle lied to fans about an ethically important topic, and I feel that this is unforgivable.

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